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A podcast designed to bring Catholic Counsel to the Community. Inviting listeners into therapeutic conversations to navigate the current landscape of family, faith, marriage, mental health, and growing cultural concerns. This podcast will benefit anyone who wants to increase in Truth, Freedom, and Love. Change the world, by changing yourself. Smuggle more hope into your life today.

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Good Mood Food
Good Mood Food
Learn how to improve your mood quickly by learning the mechanisms by which what we eat, effects how we think. If y
July 17, 2024
Forgiveness is Weird
Forgiveness is Weird
Forgiveness kills the heart, mind, and soul. In this episode, we discuss how to develop the habit of forgiveness t
July 10, 2024
Protecting Intimacy: Porn-Proofing Marriages
Protecting Intimacy: Porn-Proofing Marr…
We exist in a world that has separated sex from marriage. This has lead to an epidemic of pornography coming into
July 03, 2024
Blessed by Conflict
Blessed by Conflict
Learn why having conflict in your relationships is actually a good thing. In this episode we discuss what to do wi
June 26, 2024
Foster-Father, Husband, and Terror of the Demons
Foster-Father, Husband, and Terror of t…
Want a crash course in Holy Fatherhood? Learn from the foster-father of Jesus himself, St. Joesph. Reflecting on t
June 19, 2024
Digital Dementia and Forgotten Childhoods
Digital Dementia and Forgotten Childhoo…
Gen Z (born 1990'-2010's) has the poorest mental health of any generation. The first generation raised wit
June 12, 2024
Dancing With Fear, Adventure with God: John Walker
Dancing With Fear, Adventure with God: …
In a time when our world is marred with difficulty and polarization, we need levity and humanity. John Walker join
June 05, 2024
Discipline of Desire
Discipline of Desire
(Listener Discretion Advised-Adult Language/themes) Can we maintain/increase desire and have great sex with our sp
May 29, 2024
Abby Johnson: Becoming Pro-Love
Abby Johnson: Becoming Pro-Love
Everyone has been touched in some way by abortion-personally or socially. In a world where nearly one in four wom
May 22, 2024
Dangerously Useful: Defeating Toxic Masculinity
Dangerously Useful: Defeating Toxic Mas…
Do you want to raise strong men in a culture that hates men, this episode covers the origins and the antidote to w
May 15, 2024
The Delight of Sex in Marriage: An Interview with Sarah Bartel
The Delight of Sex in Marriage: An Inte…
(THIS EPISODE CONTAINS ADULT THEMES/TOPICS, Listener discretion is advised) Sex is supposed to be a delight, but f
May 08, 2024
Jesus Walk
Jesus Walk
Do you want to slow down and enjoy your life more? Are you sick and tired of hearing, "Be in the moment.&quot
May 01, 2024
Rage Machines and Religious Pornography
Rage Machines and Religious Pornography
Is your scrolling making you anxious? Concerns about visions and "signs of the end times?" If your pursu
April 24, 2024
The Meltdown Manager: Learning to Parent Our Deeply Feeling Kids
The Meltdown Manager: Learning to Paren…
Do you have a child that feels things more intensely, or seems to get upset quicker and stay upset longer? You may
April 17, 2024
Healing Your Inner Wounds-The Rich Dawn Podcast
Healing Your Inner Wounds-The Rich Dawn…
Rich Dawn Podcast interview. We all carry wounds in our lives that impact our relationship to God, ourselves, and
April 10, 2024
Bringing Mercy Home
Bringing Mercy Home
Pain in your family or marriage? Our families are places where we struggle to bring peace and practice love becaus
April 03, 2024
Infinite Games: The Psychology of Saints
Infinite Games: The Psychology of Saint…
Are you dealing with an impossible situation? All people will be confronted with situations that they are powerles
March 27, 2024
Overcoming Our Pride Through Vulnerability: An Interview with Chris Padgett
Overcoming Our Pride Through Vulnerabil…
Our pride is in constant conflict with our relationship with God, ourselves, and our families. Listen as Chris and
March 20, 2024
Good Grief: A Guide to Living With Loss
Good Grief: A Guide to Living With Loss
Death, divorce, breakups, death of a pet. We will all experience grief and loss. Learn ways to effectively handle
March 13, 2024
Hunger for God, Thirst for Discomfort
Hunger for God, Thirst for Discomfort
Learn practical ways to Master Willpower and Grow the Grit to deal with the difficult things in your life. Discove
March 06, 2024
What Couples Need to Know-OLV Podcast Interview
What Couples Need to Know-OLV Podcast I…
Fr. David and Dan discuss the role of faith in counseling and what married couples can do to start having remarkab
February 28, 2024
The Catholic Patriot-Engaging and Transforming Culture
The Catholic Patriot-Engaging and Trans…
Join Dan Lawson and Dr. Peter Howard, host of the Catholic Patriot Podcast as they discuss how grace is perfected
February 21, 2024
The Sabbath and the Science of Energy Management
The Sabbath and the Science of Energy M…
Do you feel tired or depressed? Are you upset that you haven't accomplished what you wanted this week? Our liv
February 14, 2024
Modest is Hottest
Modest is Hottest
If someone is telling you that wearing pants is evil; please keep your pants and listen to this instead. In this e
February 07, 2024
Indiana Jones and the End of Romantic Comedies
Indiana Jones and the End of Romantic C…
Do you want to understand how to achieve the on screen romance you see in theaters, but in your actual relationshi
January 31, 2024
Arcade or Adventure?
Arcade or Adventure?
On average children 8-17yrs old, play 1.5-2hrs of video games daily. Learn how the gaming culture is effecting our
January 24, 2024
Campaigning for Trust
Campaigning for Trust
We all struggle with trust in our relationships. If you want to learn how to rebuild trust within yourself and tho
January 17, 2024
How to Build Your Family Culture
How to Build Your Family Culture
Your family culture is more important than your strategy of parenting or your approach to marriage. In this episod
January 15, 2024
The Sandman's Toolbox
The Sandman’s Toolbox
Sleep has such a powerful impact on our mental health, put we spend very little time on it. It impacts almost ever
January 03, 2024
The Elephant in the Room
The Elephant in the Room
Ever wonder why your New Year's Resolutions don't succeed? Want to know how to change yourself or others?
December 27, 2023
Come Let Us Adore Him
Come Let Us Adore Him
Christmas should increase our hope and faith, not increase our anxiety. What are you seeking this Christmas? Are w
December 20, 2023
How to Have an Affair With Your Spouse
How to Have an Affair With Your Spouse
Want to learn the recipe for the kind of date night that can rekindle passion for your spouse? Learn simple practi
December 13, 2023
Killing the Comparison Monster
Killing the Comparison Monster
We spend so much time trying to compete with the facades of one another. How can we leave the game of perpetual co
December 06, 2023
Reducing Holiday Velocity
Reducing Holiday Velocity
Why does Christmas seem to be coming faster each year? Is there any way to make the Christmas season hopeful and j
November 29, 2023
Triggered to Gratitude
Triggered to Gratitude
I thought my gratitude practices were on target, but I was wrong. Learn the most effective gratitude practices acc
November 22, 2023
Spiritual Health Assessment
Spiritual Health Assessment
Want to know how spiritually healthy you are? Listen in to hear the one simple habit all the saints had in common
November 15, 2023
Safeguarding Sleeping Beauties
Safeguarding Sleeping Beauties
Want principles to guide parents as their teens navigate the confusing world of dating and romance? Check this out
November 08, 2023
Starving the Narcissists
Starving the Narcissists
Get an insight on how to get rid of the gas-lighting, narcissism, and whatever other form of pride that is destroy
November 03, 2023
Unmedicated Adventures in Depresso-Land
Unmedicated Adventures in Depresso-Land
Currently 1 in 6 people say they are depressed or are receiving treatment for depression. With medication complian
October 25, 2023
Protecting Innocent Eyes
Protecting Innocent Eyes
Do you want your children to be raised by Hugh Hefner? Probably not. Learn how to prepare and protect your childre
October 18, 2023
Cold, Dark, and Wonderful
Cold, Dark, and Wonderful
Learn what the happiest people on the planet do, with only 36% of daylight. If you want to hold off your seasonal
October 11, 2023
Taking Back Halloween
Taking Back Halloween
What do you want your kids to pretend to be? Every year they dress up as celebrities, monsters, and superheroes. T
October 06, 2023
Good Fences
Good Fences
Boundaries are a requirement for a sanity and balance in life. No boundaries means no identity. Learn about the bo
September 28, 2023
Rebels With a Cause
Rebels With a Cause
How do we keep our connection with teens and young people amidst a culture of individualism, hedonism, and minimal
September 20, 2023
The Science of Wrongology and Conspiracy Theories
The Science of Wrongology and Conspirac…
You're probably wrong about something right now. Don't freak out, there are upsides to our errors. Learn h
September 14, 2023
Your Overheating Brain
Your Overheating Brain
Clearing up the confusion about OCD. Learn about the science and treatments for OCD. Can it really be treated and
September 06, 2023
Interview with Dr. Peter Howard: Fulton Sheen, Instructor of Holiness
Interview with Dr. Peter Howard: Fulton…
An interview with Dr. Peter Howard on the significance of Bishop Fulton Sheen as a great instructor of hope and ho
September 01, 2023
The Lone Rangers
The Lone Rangers
For anyone who feels alone in raising their kids with the Catholic faith, we solute the Lone Rangers, those with t
August 30, 2023
How to Smuggle Hope Into Your Community-The Rich Dawn Podcast Interview
How to Smuggle Hope Into Your Community…
Learn how we can start to take action and smuggle hope into our community. This is the audio recording of Dan'
August 25, 2023
The End of Anger Management
The End of Anger Management
Does your temper get the best of you? Gain insights to deepen your relationship to Christ and increase your peace
August 23, 2023
The State of Affairs
The State of Affairs
Right at this moment, people are cheating and being cheated on. Why is this on the rise? What can we do? Learn the
August 16, 2023
Parenting in the Age of Anxiety
Parenting in the Age of Anxiety
Kids are more anxious than ever. How do we parent in the post-COVID world? How can we help parent, educate, and di
August 08, 2023
Evil likes to be talked about. At every turn it is looking for a way to steal our attention. Learn how to stop giv
August 02, 2023
Rethinking Addiction
Rethinking Addiction
Most of what we commonly know about addiction is wrong. Learn about the current science and treatment for addictio
July 28, 2023
Encouraging Your Priests and Clergy
Encouraging Your Priests and Clergy
(RECORDED FOR PRIESTS AND CLERGY) Priests and bishops are assaulted from both inside and outside the Catholic Chur
July 25, 2023
Building Your Mental Immunity
Building Your Mental Immunity
Learn what makes us resilient to the stressors of life. We all have a physical immune system that helps us resist
July 19, 2023
Roadmaps to Holiness
Roadmaps to Holiness
Ever ask, "What's God's Will for me in my life?" Explore the 3 D's of discernment, DESIRE, D
July 12, 2023
God Doesn't Believe in Failure
God Doesn’t Believe in Failure
People are more than their mistakes. In this episode learn why God doesn't believe in failure. In order to mai
July 05, 2023
Out of Babel
Out of Babel
In a world where people are afraid and disconnected from each other we need more connection in our lives. In order
June 28, 2023
Surviving the Real Zombie Apocalypse
Surviving the Real Zombie Apocalypse
In this episode, Dan discusses the biggest crisis we all face; a crisis of meaning. In our current world people ha
June 21, 2023
Sacred Heart Transplants
Sacred Heart Transplants
In this episode, Dan asks the question, "What has your heart?" In order to live fully, we need to accept
June 20, 2023
Destroying the Myth of Toxic People
Destroying the Myth of Toxic People
In this episode, Dan discusses how language limits possibility. The popular myth of “toxic people” is disputed. Yo
June 14, 2023
Introduction and Manifesto
Introduction and Manifesto
In this episode, Dan answers the questions, "What is it?" and "Who it's for?" Quickly lear
June 06, 2023