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Hearts Renewed is an online relationship platform that changes the way that people who face relationship challenges get help by providing a structured step-by-step process for couples to transform their marriage. For anyone who wants to restore peace at home, increase intimacy, enhance communication, or re-imagine romance, this program is for you!


Hearts Renewed offers you monthly access to an online marriage transformation program.  This program offers you a step-by-step process for restoring and enhancing your marriage from the privacy of your home.  The program includes resources and a guide package to assist you in creating achievable goals for your marriage, as well as an action plan to move toward the marriage of your dreams. These easy-to-follow modules aid you to continue to improve your marriage.


Only $49 / month for couples or $1999 / year for all members of an entire parish. Diocesan pricing is available upon request, making the marriage transformation program available to everyone within a diocese! All content is provided by Dan Lawson.  Dan is a married father of seven children, certified professional life coach, entrepreneur, and holds a license to practice psychotherapy in the state of NY.  He has thousands of hours of experience working with married couples and families.