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Are you looking for a way to strengthen your marriage?

Are you feeling stuck in mediocre and don’t know how to improve things?

Are you ready to transform your marriage from “Okay” to “Remarkable”?

What others say about how this program has helped couples:

Brendan and Kristin Pratt

Hearts Renewed User

We have been married for 18 years, and the first module led to one of the most sincere and honest discussions of our relationship.

Who am I?

After working with lots of Catholic Marriages and Families, I saw so many struggling marriages benefit quickly from a few simple principles, and I created Hearts Renewed, a step-by-step marriage program designed for married Catholics to transform their marriage from the comfort of their home.

Dan Lawson

I am a husband and father to seven children and have worked as a psychotherapist for over fifteen years, serving primarily Catholic individuals and families.

There are so many challenges facing Catholic couples today and lots of obstacles to overcome: time, money, childcare, privacy concerns, and more! I needed to find a way to help more couples strengthen their marriages despite these obstacles.

Hearts Renewed removes these obstacles by giving you access to the marriage transformation program from the comfort of your own home.

What is Hearts Renewed?

Hearts Renewed is an exceptional, step-by-step educational program specifically designed for married Catholics. It focuses on reinforcing the foundations of strong, joyful, and enduring marriages by incorporating successful relationship patterns, enhancing communication, deepening intimacy, and promoting family balance. It helps transform marriages from good to remarkable.

Are you ready to Transform your marriage today?

Grab your spouse and work through the three modules today!

Module One: building a solid foundation
  1. Growth Mindset
  2. Rebuilding Confidence
  3. Becoming emotionally independent: Building a sphere of self reinforcement
  4. Callusing the mind: the path of discomfort
  5. Personal Discipline
  6. Legitimate Needs: learning from our conflicts and arguments, remove judgement
  7. Learning to communicate feelings: feelings can inform action
  8. Giving instructions on how you want to be loved, boundaries, communicate the truth with love
  9. Removing judgment and increasing information

module Two: Bridging the Gap
  1. Finding the Bright Spots in your Marriage
  2. Rebuilding Friendship
  3. Shared Priorities (getting on the same page)
  4. Constructive Communication
  5. Increasing Responsiveness (When did I feel most loved by you?)
  6. Converting the environment to increase your success
  7. Intimacy and Emotional Bank Accounts
  8. Love languages and emotional currency
Module Three: the will forms the mind and heart
  1. The Will forms the mind and heart (love is a choice)
  2. Building the Reinforcing the systems of fondness and appreciation
  3. Positive perspective on the seasons of marriage

More to come…

Hearts Renewed, you get:

*A step-by-step educational program, outlining what works in marriage

*Access to all videos

*Access to all PDFs with dynamic exercises

*A great way to grow together with your spouse and transform your marriage today!

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