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When so many things seem important and we can struggle to determine what matters most to us. At Hearts Renewed we understand that Marriage and Family are the “cell of society” as St. John Paul II tells us.  As spouses and parents we want our homes to be a place we want to return to each day.  When we start taking an active role in designing our family culture, our homes return to  being a place of joy, love, and tranquility.

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  • A springboard to enhance communication and end repeated conflict with your spouse, 
  • Enable you to better parent and enjoy your relationship with your children. 
  • Reduce your frustration and bring more peace to your home.
  • Train your children to engage and transform the culture they live in.
  • Provide needed direction as we try our best to navigate dilemmas that naturally spring up around family life.  

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Smuggling Hope!

Checkout the podcast Smuggling Hope by Dan Lawson

Your family culture is more important than your strategy of parenting or your approach to marriage. In this episode, learn how to create a family culture that endures, loves, and forgives. Develop a family mission that actually makes sense. Make sure you change the world, or let the world change you.